About me.

Yourneedshub.com is a public service and Affiliate related blog, designed to help you make a more informed decision when you buying or get more knowledge from the Health and fitness. Now I excited to introduce myself.


My name is T R DATTATREYA. I love your intention to dive into this blog weight loss and fitness related. Because maintain a healthy weight and maintain healthy fitness is most needed humble to everyone in this world. Lead their life in health is a human ambition and essential needs also. I promptly access it in this blog. If you want to filter, analyzed, informative subjects related to weight loss and fitness probably this blog may be concerned to you and this blog is value for your money. Safe and healthy also.

Now I am speaking a little about me and how my blog can help for customizing your needs related to health and fitness.

About me

I am a Graduate in commerce, and marketing, I am still a student in market researching. I am experienced in marketing for twenty years. I am yourneedshubexperienced in the door to door selling of the weight loss products and experience in selling online also for twenty years.

Studying, Analyzing, Reviewing company-related magazines, Articles, Get more information from a market platform about Products and contact users, collect their experience about product information from them, is my passion.

I know how to read labels of the company and know how to interpret the contents of the things in the marketplace.

Where I get the information from, the blog

The many Articles, Reports, pros, and cons of the product, you’ll find here this blog from public sources, The company magazines, books, Journals, Published research articles.

And collect more important facts and statistics about everything from the marketplace. I declare that I am not covered all human needs here, only what I collected information from the marketplace, what I analyzed market things that much information in this blog. Because human wants are unlimited. Nobody can solve it, and nobody cannot solve their needs himself/herself.

I obsess over what I analyzed

I evaluating everything from the marketplace that I collected. Before I concluding that I analyzed what is reliable in the market place, I carefully examine the label of the company and contents of the article of the things and carefully observe the comments of the users and the pros and cons of the products.

Why I do this effort

For twenty years I worked as an Executive in the market, selling different companies products to the public. And worked as an awareness creator[market executive] of in different companies. besides, I sell so many market products to my friends, relatives, public online.

But I am not satisfied with this effort. In this blog, given more information about market products from market place which is analyzed, reviewed.

When you go through it, if you get satisfied with the contents, statistics, Quality of that products then if you purchased that thing from that company I WILL GET MY BREAD AND BUTTER FROM YOU.

A short story about me.

Everyone can not plan their future and cannot drive their lives what they want. we dreamed something but life given something to us. I dive into this field by accident.
I hailed from one of the interior rural areas in India. I completed my matriculation in my village. After matriculation, I joined higher studies in a small town which is nearest to my birthplace.
my father agriculturist and mother passed matriculation. both my father and my mother lead a traditional life. We are 5 children. unfortunately, my Elder sister and last brother are handicapped.
I have only one sister, who is handicapped, she is intelligent in homework. Stay at home. Not yet married. My last brother completed ITI and working in the private sector in a small town.
I got my graduation in 1998 and planned to join the law course. and join Law college in the same year. after completed one year, my father fell paralysis and I discontinued my Education, back to my home, and take care of my father.
My  3 brothers are younger than me and studying in high school and middle school. My last brother studying Handicapped school and very long from my village.
In the year 2003, our family facing a financial crisis, due to the fall of the prices of the crops. At the time I came out again from family and went to Bangalore, Karnataka for searching for a job. At the time I joined BPL SYNO as a sales executive promoting consumer products in 2004.
I worked in BPL SYNO for 3 years and looking for a better company hopefully. Same time, Unfortunately, my father became a heart patient and persuade me to come back and looking after the land. Because all my brother”s are young and not able to handle land management. Again I came back home and settle there.
In 2008 I am very bored in the village and decided to come out of home and start earning. I am already inexperienced in market and selling products, decided to join an insurance company as an executive.
From 2008 to still now working as an Insurance executive and give away some services to many customers.

From this inspiration, I decided why I am not started to help others through Digital platforms.  in 2019 I decided to came to this platform as a blogger and I started this blog about weight loss and Fitness Niche.

How you can help

You can buy anything from this blog and simply share your experience and comments on this blog. Always I love to hear from you. And you speak up for yourneedshub.com and share this blog content maximum to the public via social platforms or any other platforms is Appreciated.