Best family Floater Health Insurance Plans in India-2022

A single policy to cover your entire family which can give you Financial stability against the raising the medical cost of various health issues like COVID-19.DENGUE, H1NI in India. Save your lifetime savings and protect your precious Assets due to unexpected health issues result to pay medical bills.

Affordable Insurance Plans for your loved ones

Best family floater health insurance plan in india
Best family floater health insurance plan
Best family floater health insurance plan
Best family floater health insurance plan
Best family floater health insurance plan

If you consider health is wealth, Health is an asset,


Are you searching health insurance protect you and your

Loved one from extra financial burden due to health issues,


Are you searching covered entire family under single premium?

Solution, Best family Floater Health Insurance Plan on star health comprehensive insurance plan.

What is star health insurance comprehensive plan?

Nobody predict the health issues now a day. Health insurance is one of the best options

Available to overcome the heavy financial loss that occurs in the form of

Hospitalization and medical expenses.

The right decision of purchasing the policy should complement the

Wise of picking the right one. Which offers complete protection is

More essential than just having the health insurance cover.

Star health insurance comprehensive insurance plan offer

Complete protection against all health care eventualities for an entire family

On individual and Floater basis with Accidental death and permanent

Total Disablement  without any extra premium.

Why star health insurance?

Star health and allied insurance company Ltd commenced its operation

In 2006, as India’s first stand alone insurance provider. As an exclusive health insurer

The company engaging in services in health, Personnel Accident and Overseas

Travel insurance and is committed to setting international benchmarks

  • In service and  personnel caring of customers.
  • No third party Administrator, direct in house claim settlement.
  • Faster and hassle free claim settlement.
  • Cashless facility wherever possible in network hospitals.
  • 24 hour helpline for assistance.
  • Enhancement facility of sum insured.
  • Coverage for Domiciliary Hospitalization.
  • Automatic restoration of sum insured.
  • No claim bonus facility.
  • Buy back option of pre-Exiting diseases.


best family floater health insurance


  • Health insurance is need to me?

Health is wealth, Health is an asset. It will protect you and your family

Against any financial risks arising due to hospitalization or accidental injuries.

Buying health insurance plan would help you protect your hard savings money and your precious assets.

  • How I purchase this policy?

Click below the proposal form button. You will get new window about proposal form.

Fill start date, your family size, select sum insured amount, and policy type [Fresh]

And policy period.

NOTE-Family size mince, how many Adults and how many children in your family.

Example- if your family size is, husband and wife and two children. Your family size is 2A+2C

A=Adults, C=Children.

Sum insured=the maximum value for a year that insurance company can pay in case you or your family Hospitalized.

Is it secured website?

Yes, it is secured website.

  • How I paid the premium?

After filling all our details, you asked for payment. You can pay the premium through Debit card,

Credit card, net banking Etc.

  • How can I know my premium?

When you complete all details, premium is auto calculated.

  • Can I add my parents to this policy?

No, you can take separate policy to them. Age at entry is 18 -65 years.

You can opt for individual, or husband and wife + children up to 3 in number.

  • How I renew my policy after one year?

Star health insurance company, sending you renewal notice to you ,

informing of the expiry date of your policy through corridor and email. and

also through SMS. But company no obligation to sending you renewal notice.

That mince, shall not tantamount to deficiency in service.

It is your primary responsibility of renewed your policy in time.

  • What is the maximum number of claims allowed per year?

Any number is allowed per policy year. But sum insured is the maximum limit per year.

  • What is the definition of the Family floater plan?

One single policy protect your entire family. Family floater health plan covered

All the medical expenses arising out of illness, Diseases, or accident, to individual or totally family.

  • If I resided at Bangalore, My wife and Children resided at Hyderabad.

 Can my wife and children covered this plan?

Yes, this plan applicable to throughout India. If you resided in Bangalore, you travelled Delhi and

Hospitalized in Delhi. Policy covers  your medical expenses incurred due to hospitalization

In Delhi.  Same rule applicable to your family also.

  • Can I cover all Diagnostic charges?

Yes, but it is related your hospitalization of 24 hours in patient. In case your Diagnostic charges are made

Outpatient basis [OPD] OR prescribed OPD is not covered.

  • What is the procedures claims settlement

When you or your family hospitalization in network hospital you are eligible for cashless treatment,

When you or your family hospitalized in non network hospital you are eligible for reimbursement of medical


  • Is there any income tax exemption for this policy?

Yes, this policy comes under income tax under section 80D. Your exempted limit up to Rs 25000.

If your parents covered in this policy and their age is above 60, you are eligible for Rs 50000.

  • Is there need for medical check-up before buying this policy?

No , no medical checkup is required.

  • I am foreign citizen; can I take the policy for my family [children or spouse] who resided at India?

Yes, you can take the policy to them.

  • Does this policy cover outpatient treatment?

No, normally any health policies covered in patient treatment which is 24 hours hospitalization.

  • I am not Indian national but living in India, can I take this policy?

Yes, you can take policy but cover of claims restricted to India.





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