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Deepak Digital Internship program-batch 2, class 1 review

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Learn digital marketing through internship program is primarily because it has become one of the best platform to learning.

Knowledge about digital marketing is primarily tool because reach  your target audience, trigger customer conversions, drive online sales, and earn lasting revenues. If you looking opportunities for learning digital marketing, Deepak digital internship program is the best platform for your end.
I am DATTATREYA beginner for digital marketing; I am excited to unbiased review about Deepak digital internship program batch 2 sessions 1.
What is Digital marketing?

According to Wikipedia-Digital marketing is the part of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

woman using MacBook Air beside man writing on bookIts development during the 1990s and 2000s changed the way brands and businesses use technology for marketing. As digital platforms became increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life, and as people increasingly use digital devices instead of visiting physical shops.

in simple words,    market+technology=digital marketing

I am proud to introduce you Deepak Digital internship program for right platform for beginners.

What is internship? 

An internship program is the opportunity to gaining experimental knowledge with paid or unpaid program with limited time duration.

Why Deepak Digital Internship program? 

Lot of people throughout the world interest in learning Digital marketing course. All are not success in completion of the course. Because
• Half  of the students do not use the courses what they buy.
• 80%   not complete the courses.
• 90% of the interns neglect to implement and learn.
• 10%  students actually implement and learn, but do not getting guidance from mentors.
These are considered and discussed in Deepak internship program through transformation.
What is transformation in Deepak Digital Internship program?
He disclosed,  in introduction of the program that
1. Guidance and mentorship from someone who is experienced in that field.
2. Responsibility, Accountability and commitment from students.
3. Risk of losing something if student, not stick to commitment.
4. Projects or Assignments are your resume. You get hired for what you can do.
It gives you chance for judge are you right person or not for this program? Before opting the Deepak digital internship program.

Who is Deepak?

Deepak kanakaraju graduate in civil engineering in 2008. Because of this Graduation he wanted to construction the buildings. His father is working in constriction company. After the completion of his graduation he not get a job and started motorcycle blog.

In 2009 he recognized in china from his blog. In 2011 his blog pages attracts one million people per month. From 2012 to 2016 he worked in different company as a Digital manager. In 2016 he published the book “Edge of Sanity’ it is related to “how to succeed an Entrepreneur without losing your sanity”
In 2017 he started a digital marketing agency”pixeltrack” this is all about one of the successful digital marketer in India. He started Deepak digital marketing internship program because of aiming to create one million digital marketers in India. Very great!

What benefit you get from internship program?

It is not a free program; you will work with a live projects and Assignments. It gives you more Experience.
• This program involved live Assignments with Guidance.
• You can make money with Assignments.
• You achieve learning by doing
• Given projects that add to your profile and Experience
• Real time Experience with mentorship.
• You can use this Experience to grow your business, freelancing, Blog, Affiliate Marketing, Full time job or start a Digital Marketing agency.
What you Learn Deepak internship program-2 #class 1.

In introduction of the session 1 of Deepak internship program, he gave details about setting the Goal and what is the importance of the goal. Without setting the goal we cannot achieve anything in the world. Goal is the path of the achieving and direction to achieve targeted Aim. We can achieve or not but, it shows you correct root to your targeting Aim.
Secondly he explained, you became a marketer first before digital marketer. In marketing two categories. One is traditional and another one is Digital market. In both the category psychology of the customer is same. When you true marketer, understanding the psychology of your customer then you able became a digital marketer.
Market is never dying. Because solutions to need give rise to new needs. And infinite Niches are available in the Market. If you want to shine in the Digital market, you create a brand. What is brand? People easily identify you; your Domain belongs to which category. For example when we heard Digital Deepak, in our mind identify, it is related Digital marketing. Right?

what about Global economy. 

Crash, Statistics, Chart, Graphic, BarIt is very important to knowing every digital marketer little bit about global economics.
• The economy of the country is goes up, when the average age of the country goes up. People habit of spending is increases.
• The country economy is goes down, when people average age goes up above 50.
• Debts create the money.
• Deflation of money supply is starts when people start to re paying the debts.
• We need not worry about recession, because people will always pay money for value.
• During recession period, strong companies are survived and weak companies comes down.
And more that he explained how debts create the money. If he get Debt from bank, the circulation of repayment to help to other people to get debts from money and achieve their needs.

Communication is the basic skill. 

In Deepak digital internship program, focused on communication and writing skill. If you having good communication skill, you can create good content as a result you can achieve more targeted Audience. You can get more sales and you can earn more. Good communication skill helps you brand creation.
Writing, Write, Fountain Pen, InkIf you not good enough in communication skill, you can improve it by reading books in English. First you start from simple and then move to complex.
So many ways is there for improving your communication skill, that daily adopt the habit of writing in English at least 500 words per day, write a lot and you became a write better. Listen podcasts 30 minutes per day.
Watch English sitcoms, watch stand up comedy shows to learn culture and locale slangs so on helps to improve your communication skill.

What is the future of the digital marketing? 

Digital marketing is never die because marketing is never die. Demand and needs is goes up, only thing is you need to market it.
In modern days the consumer behavior is changing, moving to digital. Market+ technology=Digital marketing.Digital marketing is simple way to marketing involves technology

Integrated marketing

In this session of Deepak digital internship program, focus on SEO. When you create good content SEO friendly, you will get traffic from organically. And shared with social media it helps to create the email list. Email list helps to build the relationship with customer. This relationship and good integrated digital marketing process

                                              [Sources from digital deepak]

communication leads to sales.Another way to getting traffic for your content page IS paid ads. Paid ads like live in rented house for content related and SEO related contents means, resided at your own house. Good writing content writing get Google recognized and give you ranking in search. It is all discussed in this class.

How to select your Niche

It is the combination of talent, passion and market. It is simple, select your interested topic, what you more talking with public and your friends, find what is your talent on that and is that topic having market. That is your Niche. Select that passion and enjoy to doing it, and doing it more and enjoy more.
You can find demand for market, through Google suggestion, Answer the public, Uber suggestion and Advanced keyword tool Amazon customer review, talking with customers and look for pre and post products/ services of other products so on.

Building your own personal brand

The best known always beat the best.
• Don’t hesitate to put your content. Don’t fear to standing out of it. and stop trying to do fit it.
• Shows your personality and character in social media.
• Publish contents in different forms with more contents, it helps own more of internet
• Personal brand helps, people wants hear you, not from any brands.
• It is your tribe and your style.
• From Personnel brand, you get a job/ you close your client or able to build your own agency.
• It helps you recognize and build fame in your own community.
• Do strengthen your personal brand through write more good content, publish video and do public speech.

About Funnel 

End of the session of Deepak digital internship, he discussed about the how to build funnel with mind map. In that he explained which is the root he started his journey and how he achieved today’s position through mind map.

Infographic, Funnel, Chart, MarketingIt is really excited and Awesome. First he build and strengthen his personal brand , in different way , Blogging, speaking at events, publishing ebooks, publishing books, participate in social media, video marketing, paid ads, app publishing, Guest posting so on
He discussed about How to build the Audience, through, retargeting lists, facebook messenger, Facebook groups, and Facebook followers,Whatsapp lists and groups , email lists, Phone numbers. Funnel is works like if you get.

Funnel result

1000000 people top of the funnel, after filtering , you are chance of 1000 bottom of the funnel. They are your real customer. Chances of sales and conversion at the bottom.

Final word

I am very excited from his simple communication language and Examples. He is one of the experts in digital market concepts, and explained all the subjects scientifically, anybody can understand easily. I will give Assurance that who is grabbed opportunity of Deepak digital internship program batch 2 will get wealth.
According to me money is not only wealth, getting knowledge also wealth. 100% sure you gain this, from this program.

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