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Health insurance that insurance covers the whole or part, of the person when he or she incurred expenses due to medical. In other words, it is the policy that gives you a promise that financial coverage for medical expenses when you are hospitalized.

A health insurance plan is one of the secure and safest ways of protection for policyholders due to unexpected medical expenses and surgical expenses for them and their families.

what is health insurance?

it is a medical-related policy that promises policyholders financial coverage for medical expenses when he or she is hospitalized. this health insurance plan covers the policyholder with cashless hospitalization at a tie-up hospital or provides a facility of reimbursement of incurred medical expenses.

Health insurance plans provide  policyholder coverage of daycare hospitalization, pre-hospitalization, and post-hospitalization [After discharge from the hospital]

Health Insurance plans reimburse the insured for his/her medical expenses including surgeries, Medical treatment, Bodily injuries, and hospitalization expenses

during the policy term. It also offers a coverage facility for cashless hospitalization at network hospitals during the policy term. You can also get a tax deduction under section 80D of the income tax Act of 1961.

medical costs are rising every day. It is one of the big challenges for everybody how to overcome this problem. If you do not have health insurance, you will face dire situations at the time of illness.  It is better to prepare yourself for this situation is having health insurance.

Why Health Insurance is Important?

health insurance is very essential today. It protects your health and your savings.

It provides several benefits to you and your family. Medical treatment expenses and other expenses eat your savings. If you have health insurance you can protect your savings, it also provides a tax benefit.

medical Emergencies are unpredictable and with rising medical expenses, getting quality treatment is very difficult and very expensive. It can cause a rapid loss of your savings.

If you have health insurance, depending on the inclusions, a majority of costs are covered. It reduces the amount spent out of pocket from you.

Covering other medical expenses

A health insurance policy not only covers hospitalization but also covers other expenses before hospitalization. Are included doctor’s fees, Diagnosis test fees, Ambulance fees, medicine and drugs cost, operation theater charges, Room rent, and Surgical Expenses.

Operation process fees[ Anesthesia, Blood, oxigen], Post hospital consultation, Day-care treatment, Cataract, joint replacement, Domiciliary hospitalization, Evacuation, Vaccination so and so relevant to the insured.

An uninsured person receives less medical care and less timely care. so opt for health insurance is undisputed. Most of the insurance policies have the facility of cashless hospitalization.

When you falling an illness or injury or disease you will option of choosing the hospital. It makes quality medical treatment available for the insured without the hassle of paying treatment expenses.

 Coverage for the family on a floater Basis

Insurance companies provide you with policies on floater systems. It reduces the premium cost. If you opt the health insurance on the basis of individual it can get expensive. Floater includes husband, spouses, and children.

If you opt the health insurance under floater, you can expenses the limit individually to a maximum up to the basic sum insured or totally family expenses up to the maximum of the basic sum insured.

It is not only reduced your premium cost but also provides additional benefits. it ensures all types of medical treatment in the family are covered.

Types of Health Insurance plans

Individual Health Insurance-As the name indicates these types of policies are issued individually. Under this policy, you are entitled to receive the spent amount during a hospitalization. In this policy covered members received the claim individually up to the basic sum insured.

family Floater plan– instead of buying an individual plan opt for a family is better. This health insurance plan covered the whole family. And you save money. Premium is very lower when compared to a separate individual plan. A family floater health insurance plan covers the whole family under a single premium.

Senior citizen policy–  It is applied to those who have crossed the age of 60. Actually, this plan is costlier than other policies.  The disadvantage of this plan is, that when a claim arises for medical treatment, a 100% payout is not available. because when we crossed above the age of 60 we are nearest to the hospital. that means the senior citizens are more prone to illness and diseases. only some insurance companies provide this policy. Some insurers asked for medical check-ups before allotting the policy. In these cases, your policy may be declined or you are asked for paying an additional premium. But in star health insurance, the senior citizen policy is issued without any medical check-up under some terms and conditions.

Unit linked health insurance plans-It is an investment cum insurance plan. In this plan part of the premium is invested in the share market and offers insurance to the insured. The claim returns depending on the performance of the market.

Critical illness plan– Provide financial help, when insured hospitalized for critical illness. Common ailments are covered under this plan is

  • cancer
  • major organ transplant
  • stroke
  • Primary pulmonary arterial Hypertension
  • Aorta graft surgery
  • First heart attack
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • kidney Failure
  • paralysis
  • Bypass surgery for the coronary artery

Personal Accident plan-

Specifically covers the unforeseen accidental injury or death. Covers accidental injuries or death. Lump Sum is paid to the nominee of the insured in case of death, in case of injury  Hospital expenses are payable to the insured. In case of partial and permanent total disability due to an accident, a lump sum is payable to the insured.

Group health insurance plan-

This type of policies applied where the employee and employer relationship has existed. These plans almost business owners and industrialists opted for their employee’s welfare. An Employee and their family member can be covered for medical treatment under this plan.

Super surplus plan

When your primary health insurance plan is exhausted, you can use this plan. this plan comes under the ‘deductible’ clause. For example, if you opt for this policy for rs 30 lakhs and a deductible is rs 5 lakhs, over and above of 5 lakhs of up to 30 lakhs payable for incurred medical treatment. one of the big advantages of this policy is a large amount of coverage for a low premium.

Benefits of health insurance
  1. cashless treatment-If you health insurance policyholder, you can avail of cashless treatment without paying from your own pocket.
  2. Pre-Hospitalization expenses.-Means you are eligible for reimbursed incurred medical expenses before hospitalization. That depends upon time conditions on different policies. Some health insurance plans cover pre-hospitalization 30 days before what you incurred for medical, in some plans 60 days before, and in some plans 90 days before.
  3. post-hospitalization expenses- Is covered the expenses after discharge from the hospital. When you are hospitalized once, you are going to be medicated for some time after discharge, that is about check-ups, Diagnoses, or medicine related. After the discharge from the hospital, you are avail of this facility. this is also a time limit depending upon the plan.
  4. Ambulance Expenses- You have covered transportation expenses, When you get hospitalized, the plan covered transportation charges from your home to the hospital and the hospital to your home. Expenses reimbursement limit depends upon your health insurance plan.
  5. Covering health check-up costs-

If you are a health insurance policy holder you are avail of this benefit. Health check-up costs are covered, depending on your claim status. time limitation depending upon plans, every year, or 2 years once or 3 years once.

6.      No claim bonus-Means when your policy claim is free, some portion of the sum assured amount is added to the basic sum assured. It is from 5% to 100% lump sum added depending upon your plan.

7.      Ward charges-One of the main part of expenses is room rent when you are hospitalized. In some multispeciality hospitals, 50% of expenses cost is room rent than surgery or treatment cost. If you health insurance policy holder you are eligible for covering this facility depending upon how much you opt for the Sum Assured amount.

8.    Tax benefit- You are eligible for getting tax benefit under section 80D of the income tax Act of India 1961.

9.     Hospital Daily cash benefit-It is defined as some money daily payout when you are hospitalized depending upon your plan. the defined payouts depending on defined days in the policy year and deductibles defined a few days in the policy.


Better Health insurance in India

More than 28 Health insurance companies operate the health insurance business in India. Health insurance is not like an investment or not like a life insurance plan. It is service related. If you want to select which is better? That depends on how much network hospitals are covered under that health insurance company.

And also depends on how much their claim settlement ratio is and how many branches they are having throughout India. All that consideration I strongly suggest STAR HEALTH INSURANCE performed better.

Star Health Insurance company’s Claim settlement ratio as per public disclosure is 90% and the Effective Ratio is 95%



policy Brochure.


The solution to the Rising medical cost is Having Health Insurance undisputable subject. So many health insurance companies operate health insurance businesses in India, According to service, Ranking, and a number of tie-up hospitals star health insurance companies performed better.

If are you younger, you save the premium compared to the aged one. If you became a policyholder today you saved your hard-earned money. when you go on aged you are nearest to hospital and you can’t be earning also. without earning you can’t save also.

If you become a policyholder you can get  Quality treatment and in-time treatment. so I confidently recommend you get a policy now.







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