Invest in best mutual funds-Paragh Parikh flexi cap fund.

Invest in best mutual funds-Parag Parikh flexi cap fund.

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If you searching to invest in best mutual funds you are in the Right Place. This Article helps you able to take much better decisions about that are you growing “wealth’ by investing in Parag Parikh flexicap fund?

After getting all details from this article, you are able to decide to invest in Parag Parikh flexicap fund Growing”wealth” or not.


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Why Invest in Mutual Funds?

Economic variables and securities are continuously monitored by the professional fund manager and his team. They set the portfolio and investment Strategy according to market conditions. As a result best possible returns are expected.

Liquidity is the main feature of mutual funds except for the Locking period scheme mutual funds. That means your investment in a mutual fund always remains accessible to you. you can redeem your investment when you need funds.

AMC’s obligation to accept the request for the redemption and credit your money in your bank Account. You don’t get this type of Flexibility in Fixed Deposits and Real estate Investments. if you break  FD before the maturity time frame the FD is subject to a penalty or lesser interest rate.

choice of  Different schemes in a mutual fund, depending on your investment Goal, Time-frame of your investment, and Risk Appetite. On the basis of these, you can choose a scheme that will suit your Financial need. High-risk, High-reward equity funds, and Low-risk Debt funds are examples.

Mutual fund houses charge Low-cost charges 0.5% to 1.5% on returns value. It is a minuscule amount of expertise and they provide liquidity and good returns possible.

Long-term equity mutual funds give you good returns. What is collecting money from the investors under this scheme, Mutual fund Houses Invest in Good Companies. Indian Economy is a developing economy, For the long-term investment, you might directly Benefit from the growth of these companies. Before Jumping into Investment, studying the mutual fund portfolio is needed. In the Long term Invest in best mutual funds give you a Good corpus that might achieve your investment goal.

Mutual fund houses are regulated by SE BI. SE BI is the Government Agency that Always supervises the mutual fund industry safeguarding and in favor of the Investor. All mutual fund Houses function under regulation by Sebi.

Diversification of mutual funds is another advantage for investors. Mutual fund houses reinvest in different Industries, different sectors, different equities, and different debts. It reduces the risk to the investors.

Now I wish to discuss with you about best Flex i cap fund-2022.

Parag Parikh Flexicap fund review.

Pa rag Parikh Flexicap fund equity Category portfolio of this fund is not restricted to investing in companies with a predetermined capitalization. It is a Popular Flexi cap fund focused on Long term capital Appreciation. This fund is launched in May 2013. It is an open-ended fund that is reinvested in a mix of large, mid, and small-cap funds and some portion on foreign equities. If you Invest in the best mutual funds in the long-term time horizon you might expect good returns.

parag parikh flexicap fund

According to the above chart, the 5-year CAGR  is 18.59%.  On the left side of the chart, this fund is Returnwise very good, expenses Ratio is very Low. Better than FD returns. No red flag.

parag parikh flexicap fund

3 years of CAGR of this fund is 26.73.

parag parikh flexicap fund.

For 1-year CAGR is 4.5%. Because from 2 years market under crash Globally.

Equity Category. Large-size fund.

Asset under management rs-22323 Cr

very high Risk oriented.


Key metrics of Flexi cap fund.

Expense Ratio.


PE Ratio.


Sharpe Ratio.


Category Expense Ratio.


Category PE Ratio.


Category Sharpe ratio.


Peer comparison returns.

Mutual Fund 1-year return 3-year CAGR CAGR since inception
Parag Parikh flexicap fund 5.15% 26.18% 19.37%
Kotak flexicap fund 4.63% 17.44% 16.41%
HDFC Flexicap Fund 15.71% 19.45% 15.13%
UTI Flexicap Fund _0.99% 23.26% 15.55%

Peers comparison with Expense ratio, AUM, and exit loads.

mutual fund Expense Ratio Exit Load within a year AUM[incrore]
Parag Parikh flexicap fund 0.79% 1% 22323.
Kotak flexicap fund 1% 33341
HDFC Flexicap fund 1% 26511
UTI Flexicap Fund. 1% 22656

Peer compirison Ratiowise.

mutual fund PE Ratio standard Deviation Sharpe ratio
Parag Parikh flexicap fund 19.45 16.55% 0.10
Kotak flexicap fund 29.28 17.59% 0.07
HDFC Flexicap fund 21.56 17.26% 0.72
UTI Flexicap Fund. 44.06 17.80% -0.21


parag parikh flexicap fund


Current stock top holdings of the Parag Parikh flexicap fund.

ITC Ltd 9.18
Bajaj Holdings and Investments Ltd 7.42
Housing development Finance Corpn.Ltd 7.28
Alphabet Inc Class A 7.10
Microsoft Corporation(US) 6.0
ICICI Bank Ltd 5.76
Hero Motocorp Ltd 5.10
Coal India Ltd 5.02
Axis Bank Ltd 4.97
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd 4.95
Amazon com inc (USA) 4.93
HCL Technologies Ltd 4.90
Facebook Co 3.43
Indian Energy Exchange Ltd 3.14
Central Depository Services(India) Ltd 2.40
Motilal Oswal FinancialServices Ltd 1.88
Multi Commodity Exchange Of India Ltd 1.46
Balkrishna Industries Ltd 1.18
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd 0.94
Zydus Lifesciences Ltd 0.99
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd 0.94
Cipla Ltd 0.93
Ipca Laboratories Ltd 0.87
ICRA Ltd 0.70
Suzuki Financial Services Software Ltd 0.58
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd 0.58
Maharastra Scooters Ltd 0.13
Axis Bank Ltd 0.12


  • Fund size is 22,324 in Cr.
  • on the basis of out performance, the fund is category Leader.
  • According to the volatility of out performance, the Pa rag Parikh Flex i cap fund is a category Leader.
  • Rolling Returns of 3-years fund is category Leader.
  • On the basis of the downside protection metric fund is a category Leader.


  • According to Riskometer Level of risk, in this scheme is very high.
  • The upside participation measure of this fund is poor.
DISCLAIMER⇒Information provided in this article is education purpose only. 
Before jumping into the investment own analysis is suggested.It is not intend
to be taken as any financial or any type of advise.
mutual fund investments are subject to market risk. please read all schemes
related documents carefully before investing.

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Now Parag Parikh Flexi cap fund concentrated on domestic Equities, still fund house waiting for the RBI’s reconsideration of the overseas limit. When investing in Long term time horizon you can expect more gains that beat the inflation rate as well as the returns from the fixed income schemes.

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